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Dear Friends,

I am on a mission. To LOVE so boldly every moment of this precious life. To HEAL all my old wounds so that I may SHINE like the FREE being that I am. My MISSION includes YOU. I invite you on this journey to be BOLD & BRAVE and to go DEEPER. Together we are better, stronger, more powerful then any other force, the FORCE of HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS

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Yoga Offerings

If you are interested in joining Beth in your personal yoga practice, Weekly Classes are available, as are Private and Corporate yoga classes. For a unique journey, join Beth for one of her Yoga Workshops, offered periodically. Or experience yoga in an immersive, powerful way, and join Beth for a Yoga Retreat. Together we will experience a focused journey of self improvement and awareness.

Yoga Offerings

Be Bold. Deepen Your Practice, Nourish Your Soul.

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Winter Solstice Yoga Celebration

  This time of year has a certain kind of magic. The days here in the northern hemisphere are the shortest and our nights are dark and deep. In our culture people tend to be super “busy” this epidemic of running around & in the process stressing... read more

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