Jungle Prana Retreat March 5-12th 2016

  1. Well –first off let me remind you that for a lot of us in March its typically that in between period, basically we want to be done with winter but it is sticking around. We have been indoors way to long, wearing shoes for way to long, eating food that is not fresh for way to long. Its basically the perfect month to get excited for a trip to a warm wonderful place. Which brings me to my second reason.
  2. COSTA RICA is an Awesome country full of LIFE, in particular the OSA Peninsula where we are headed. It is home to 2.5% of the WHOLE WORLDS biodiversity!                                                ** Waking to howler monkeys swinging close by in trees      **Toucans flying by in small groups as you walk along the secluded beach ** Countless butterflies and hummingbirds saying hello to you as they dance in between the ylang ylang trees and flowers.                           Even though Costa Rica’s landmass only takes up .03% of the planet’s surface, more than 10% of the world’s butterflies live herethere are about 750,000 species of insects that live in Costa Rica, and 20,000 various kinds of spiders. .  OH and did you know Costa Rica has no army? How cool and yoga like is that? They abolished the army in 1948 after their last civil war.
  3. Now some amazing things you must know about where we will be staying: BLUE OSA. Step into the tranquil oasis that is Blue Osa. Set on a remote beachfront location, this eco-resort houses up to 32 guests in 12 comfortably chic rooms located in three main buildings along with on-site facilities: A column-free 1,350 square foot open-air YOGA STUDIO on the second floor of the yoga building that overlooks our private beach. PLUS an ORGANIC GARDEN that provides the kitchen with fresh vegetables and herbs.                    **** Let me tell you from experience the farm to table meals you will eat here will excite you each and every meal. It is some of the most delicious healthy fresh food I have EVER had! AND I am a foodie:)  Oh and a chemical-free LAP POOL with a solar-powered filtration system.. It feels DIVINE jumping in it right after your long savasana and in the darkness of the evening jungle. ***Everything here feels calming, serene and beautiful. The staff that works at Blue Osa are locals who you get to know and laugh & smile with daily. I can’t wait to journey back and see what they have been up to!
  4. SO its a Yoga Vacation! Think of any other exotic vacation that you may take perhaps even to Costa Rica. Except this one involves diving in deeper to your love affair with YOGA. Two practices daily, one first thing in the morning after enjoying watching the SUNRISE and perhaps some coffee, fruit and granola. Then after the adventures of your jungle day another practice as the sunsets before we all dine together. This year we have even more to share as both Cinda and myself have had quite a transformational year of learning more about yoga & ourselves. Be prepared for pranayama, asana workshops, partner yoga, yin yoga, vinyasa, and now as Cinda finishes her 500 RTY certification with Dharma Mitra~ Dharma yoga as well! 
  5. But its not just yoga– Its full of ADVENTURE! The excursions are all optional but believe me you will want to do a lot of them! Zip-lining over the rainforest canopy, surfing or kayaking in the sea, horseback riding and waterfall rappelling are just to name a few! Plus just enjoying the very secluded beach & beautiful grounds of Blue Osa through out the day. Dip in the pool, get a massage or a body work.. Really endless options.
  6. The PEOPLE~  going on a vacation with a group has so many super duper cool advantages and one is that you can make a lot of new friends. Spending time with people who have similar interests and a genuine desire to Live LIFE to the FULLEST is inspiring and invigorating. Coming with a friend or your lover is great but also EmPOwering to travel alone and meet new friends and be OPEN to a new experience.
  7. And LASTLY~ well its a yoga retreat with myself and my dear friend Cinda. We both pretty much breath YOGa all day.. in our own way:) It is our passion, drives some of our deepest desires and we just LOVE LOVE LOVE everything about it. If you feel a little bit similar we are SUPER stoked to spend a week in the FLOW of all things PLAYFUL and LOVING. This life is a grand creation that you are taking part in and now is the perfect time to take a chance and come on a journey with us. Personally my intention is to do what I love and LOVE what I Do. Which is practicing yoga, living in LOVE & in JOY with  my beingness, spending time laughing and learning with others on a similar journey and as much as possible communing with nature~ being barefoot and free!  So take a leap, spend a week wearing your bathing suit and perhaps not much else, let down your hair, practice yoga daily, sweat, swim, jump, dance, eat fresh and close to source, and be around other LIGHTS that are shining BRIGHT! YES all this and more:) INFO on how to sign up is here on my site…. also feel free to email me with questions at amonlisa2004@yahoo.com     All the Love to you~~~ beth 🙂