Meet Beth



Dear friends:

Square_BethYogaGoddessI am on a mission. To LOVE so boldy every moment of this precious life. To HEAL all my old wounds so that I may SHINE like the FREE being that I am. My MISSION includes YOU. I invite you on this journey to be BOLD & BRAVE and to go DEEPER. Together we are better, stronger, more powerful then any other force, the FORCE of HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS


Fully ALIVE and THRIVING is our birthright. THIS IS the TIME. If you are READY to Dive DEEPLY into yourself, I am READY to be in that intimate Experience with you.

I am not asking anything of anyone that I am not asking of myself.

With Love ~


My Story

Growing up near nature I always felt a connection to Mother Earth. Camping, swimming, hiking and & exploring the woods are still some of the most intoxicating moments of my life. My mom first introduced me to yoga. Iyengar style, slow and steady. I remember not loving it but LOVING the way it made me feel.

This was an “AH HA” moment for me. I could have this feel good feeling from something so simple. This feeling is what brought me back to my mat again and again. At first a few times a week and than as layers of the old me started to peel back slowly I began planning my entire week around my daily yoga classes. Yoga became my first priority. This took awhile for me to recognize what was happening… I became my first priority.

I had always been healthy, but yoga helped me understand it was always about the surface. I ran to stay in shape, I ate healthy because I wanted to look good. I cared as a young girl so deeply about what everyone thought of me. I thought how others viewed me was of the highest value.

In yoga, SLOWLY i started to see this TRUTH, and to recognize my insecurities. I began to LOVE & accept myself in a a way I had forgotten how to do.

With yoga, I merged and became one with my inner and outer surroundings. I felt as if my early teachers were speaking directly to me in a class of hundreds. I felt raw, nourished and vibrant.


Becoming a Teacher


The only next step for me was teacher training. From there, everything shifted & opened. I went deeper, I discovered meditation. The best two gifts I received in teacher training were meditation and the foregoing of intoxicants. I discovered how I used intoxicants as a way to connect to people. In a strange way, I learned how I used drugs and alcohol to go deeper into the unknown. Yoga teacher training gave me the container to BOLDLY and BRAVELY be with my pure & quieter self. Which in turn gave me my voice to teach.

This journey has lead me through life changes. Teaching ashtanga~vinyasa style yoga for over 8 years in Michigan, Oregon and Central America. Yoga is teaching me that there is always more room to grow.

I find BLISS in the dance of yoga, weaving postures together in a creative flows. I now enjoy the more subtle layers of practice, emphasizing the details of energetic and physical alignment.

My goal of a class is to transport you deeply into yourself ~finding an edge every time~ while remaining heart centered.

Currently I am diving DEEPER into alignment, anatomy, tantra and motherhood. Spending most of the day, unlearning, twirling, laughing, and getting upside down with my daughter AURA LAVENDER. Living Humbly and endlessly grateful with my HUSBAND (who is also a yoga teacher, and a talented musician) and our husky JOJO.